Principal's Message

Mrs. Devina Mane
(M.A. B. Ed. M. Ed.)

From The Principal's Desk

Principal (Primary Section)

I gladly welcome you all to SKYLARK ENGLISH SCHOOL family. Schools give education but we develop values which helps students to improve the different facets of mankind .

The word “education” we understand is shaping the personality of a child into a healthy mind and happy soul, who is not only equipped for academic excellence but helping him/her face the challenges of life in harmonic way . It is my promise that our school  will become the hub to initiate and formalize education in a good value system.

Smt. Neelima Chopade
(M.Sc. M. Ed.)

From The Principal's Desk

Principal (Secondary Section)

The main objective of our School is to focus mainly on providing a platform to a child so that he/she learns about his/her inner potential and strength. The School believes in providing best quality quality education along with physical and spiritual growth of a child. 

In today’s challenging world when every moment a new innovation in technology is evolved, the School provides ample opportunities to students to innovate and think critically and lead the learning process.